About Adrenaline Charters

Blackwatch 40

Adrenaline Charters - fishing charters in Cairns, Far North Queensland, gateway to the Great Barrier Reef the home of the Giant Black Marlin

We offer game fishing charters for Giant Black Marlin, Light Tackle Game Fishing, Remote Fishing Adventures and Personalised Reef Trips aboard the luxurious 40FT Blackwatch 'ADRENALINE'.

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Adrenaline is available to charter for:

  • Heavy Tackle Gamefishing for Giant Black Marlin from September to December.
  • Light Tackle Gamefishing for Juvenile Black Marlin from July to September.
  • Gamefishing all year round for gamefish species such as Spanish Mackeral,Tuna, Giant Trevally,Dogtooth Tuna as well as many other species.
  • Exclusive Reef charters snorkelling (dive equipment can be arranged)
  • Day Charters for up to 6 passengers
  • Extended Charters for 4 passengers
  • Mother ship can be arranged for extended charters
Heavy Tackle Charter

Giant Black Marlin

September to December

Australia's great Barrier Reef  plays host to the largest congregation of Black Marlin in the world during their annual spawning aggregation. Large female Black Marlin in excess of 1000 pounds are met by the smaller males to breed resulting in incredible opportunities for anglers to catch that fish of a lifetime.

The fishing grounds are along the outer reefs from Cairns to north of Lizard Island with  marlin caught consistently along all of these areas.

Trolling large dead baits are the most effective methods to catch these fish with the use of Circle Hooks ensuring a tough fight and a healthy fish released.

Adrenaline Charters is your Heavy Tackle Specialist.

Book with us! A crew that lives and breathes fishing and is eager to share this amazing fishery with other passionate anglers!

Light tackle charter

Juvenile Black Marlin

July to September

From July to September we see the annual run of Juvenile Black Marlin off Cairns providing incredible fishing action on light tackle. Large bait schools form around the inshore shoals resulting in marlin congregating in numbers.

Sailfish, Spanish Mackerel, Tuna and other pelagic species are also plentiful all year round.




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