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Giant Black Marlin Season 2022

Taking bookings for the 2022 Cairns Black Marlin Season.

Mid September through …

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Charters - Cairns, Cooktown, Lizard Island, Australia

Adrenaline Charters provide fishing charters in Cairns, Far North Queensland. Home to the World’s largest and most spectacular Coral Reef system, the Great Barrier Reef.


Situated in the serene surrounds of North Queensland, Adrenaline is the exclusive provider of unmatched experiences as one of the top Cairns fishing Charters. Witness the sensational coral reef systems across the Great Barrier Reef or try your hand at some of the biggest catches in our seas.

Heavy tackle

During the annual spawning aggregation, Australia’s hotspot among the Barrier Reef plays home to huge schools of Black Marlin. Weighing up to 1000 pounds, these beauties meet their smaller partners during the breeding season, creating amazing opportunities for those looking to make a big catch.

As a heavy tackle specialist, our Marlin fishing charters are the ultimate way to reap some of the best experiences of the season – all backed by our professional, supportive team. We also use Circle Hooks to ensure anglers are given a challenging fight but can release the fish unharmed afterwards.

Light tackle game

In the months of July through to September, we head out on our game fishing charters for the annual adventure of Juvenile Black Marlin. Witness astonishing schools from around the shores as the marlin congregate for the season. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to haul in a tuna, sailfish, Spanish mackerel or another resident species.

Reef fishing

We’re lucky to have charters situated in the incredible Great Barrier Reef. Take your rod for a spin and see some of the most jaw-dropping species take up your line, in an adventure you won’t forget. Quality rods and bait are also available, as part of this package.

Day trips to the Great Barrier Reef

Beyond the sport itself, we also offer our visitors the chance to beat the crowds and enjoy an amazing day out on the Reef. With small groups only, we give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with stunning species from around the hotspot, as well as a guided snorkelling tour. Top it all off with lunch and light refreshments and we’ve got you sorted.

Experience our fishing charter vessel

Named ‘Adrenaline’, our boat is a 40-foot vessel that’s powered with huge twin 450hp Cummins engines. Able to reach a top speed of 26 knots, she offers flexible movement and stability when it’s all needed most.

There’s also plenty of features available onboard, including:

  • Fully functional radar
  • Electronics
  • Comfortable seating
  • Ability to set up for extended or overnight adventures
  • GoPro cameras
  • Air-conditioning
  • Eutectic Freezers, and more.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with our team on 0422 398 884 to book in your experience now. Alternatively, give us a call to find out what option would suit you best, or the availabilities we have open.

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